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Big Cat Country Q&A: Why should I renew my season tickets?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions after a disappointing Jacksonville Jaguars loss and Gardner Minshew being named the new starting quarterback!

Gary from Kingsland, GA

Q: Why should I keep my season tickets?

A: Gary, I can’t answer that for you. If it were me, I’d buy a parking pass and my Sundays would be for tailgating at the stadium with friends and then bar hopping downtown to watch the game. In the team’s defense, however, change looks to be on the horizon. The front office will likely be gone as will the coaching staff. Who won’t be leaving is Gardner Minshew, the most exciting thing about an otherwise frustrating season. The new general manager will also likely try to get rid of Nick Foles and hopefully use the four first round draft picks this team has in the next two years better than Dave Caldwell and Tom Coughlin would have. But this is a team that has had one winning season since 2007. I wouldn’t blame you for spending more Sundays in Georgia.

Brandon from Rochester, NY

Q: Who are the big names that still need contracts? Who won’t we have back next season?

A: That’s a good question and we’ll do a deep dive into this in the offseason, but the names that jump out to me are Nick Foles, Andrew Norwell, Marcell Dareus, and Jake Ryan.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: If Gardner Minshew sucks the next four games, are we drafting a quarterback in the first round? I’m praying he does well. We deserve nice things.

A: I think regardless of Minshew’s play, this team will be using a first round pick on a quarterback in one of the next two drafts. Personally, I’d make him the guy next year and give him an offseason as the unquestioned starter and 16 full games. If he doesn’t work out, package your picks in 2021 and go get your guy. And we do deserve nice things.W

Ryan from St. Louis, MO

Q: How would you evaluate the play of the offensive line, specifically Jawaan Taylor? How do we get better at that position?

A: The offensive line has played poorly and you can see it in short-yardage situations and red zone opportunities. There is no reason that on first-and-goal at the one yard line that we shouldn’t be able to punch the ball in for a touchdown. And yet, that has happened time and again this season. The problem is, the interior of the offensive line just isn’t good enough. That’s why you see such poor running averages inside and so many penalties — when the guy you’re supposed to block is better than you and he knows he’s better than you, you commit penalties. As far as Jawaan Taylor, he’s been inconsistent. Last week was really bad, but scheme also plays into it. We should have had a tight end helping in pass protection far too often this season.

Tanaily from Kissimmee, FL

Q: Do you think we would have beaten the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if Gardner Minshew played the whole game instead of just the second half?

A: Yes.

Micah from Chicago, IL

Q: Promising young quarterback, great pass rushers, good young tackles... But even if Shad completely cleans house, is it still an unattractive coaching job because he hasn’t shown he can staff a front office the right way?

A: I think the head coaching position will be an attractive job. Part of the reason Shad Khan hasn’t staffed a good front office is because the front office has been an unattractive job. With four first round picks in the next two drafts and a good, young core of players on both sides of the ball (along with the prospect of having a potential franchise quarterback counting less than $1 million dollars against the cap for the next three years) the front office will be highly sought after. That, in turn, will improve the attractiveness of the eventual head coaching vacancy.

Keith from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Should the Jaguars pay another team (i.e. Brock Osweiler) to take Nick Foles off their hands?

A: Whatever it takes.

Steve from Sydney, Australia

Q: Is Nick Foles the worst signing by the Jaguars ever when you consider the contract we gave him?

A: It’s either Nick Foles or the Blake Bortles extension.

Daniel from Palm Coast, FL

Q: Why is Logan Cooke sharing some kickoff duties?

A: Because he’s good at it and it keeps Josh Lambo’s leg fresh for field goals and extra points.