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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Week 14 live game day blog

Follow along all day for coverage and our live commentary as the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 14. Feel free to ask questions or rant and rave in the comments below — and stay with us following the game for post-game recaps.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) are hosting the Los Angeles Chargers (4-8) in their next-to-last home game of the season and guess who’s back...


That’s right... the sixth round wonder from Washington State is back after a disastrous three starts from high priced free agent quarterback Nick Foles. The playoffs — and a winning season — aren’t a reality for either team, but the next four games will be of supreme importance to both teams going into next season in terms of roster evaluation.

Let’s do this!

How to watch

Need to find out how to watch, stream, or listen to today’s game? We got you covered here.

Live blog

7:04 PM: Game over. Sad.

Jaguars - 10, Chargers - 45

6:33 PM: Tyrod Taylor just threw a touchdown. My God.

Jaguars - 10, Chargers - 45

6:26 PM: Los Angeles has just put Tyrod Taylor in the game. The fourth quarter just started.

Jaguars - 10, Chargers - 38

6:12 PM: And just like that, a 45-yard touchdown to Mike Williams.

Jaguars - 10, Chargers - 38

6:07 PM: TOUCHDOWN JAGUARS! Gardner Minshew cuts the lead to only three touchdowns with a 12-yard pass to sixth string tight end Nick O’Leary.

Jaguars - 10, Chargers - 31

5:46 PM: The second play after halftime and Austin Ekeler goes 84 yards for a touchdown.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 31

5:22 PM: A field goal. They drove down the field in less than a minute and got points before halftime.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 24

5:15 PM: Another Chargers touchdown. Two play drive. Embarrassing. Game over.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 21

4:57 PM: Chargers just marched down the field and beat the Jaguars in every phase — gashed the defensive line, outran the linebackers, and caught over the secondary. A fullback just scored. I am disgusted.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 14

4:40 PM: SACK! Calais Campbell has 6.5 sacks on the year. And Phillip Rivers is the 45th different quarterback he’s sacked in his NFL career. Legend.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 7

4:22 PM: Four plays. Chargers touchdown. Todd Wash’d.

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 7

4:16 PM: Gardner Minshew and the rest of the offense stall in the red zone. Josh Lambo is good from 22 yards out. We have a lead!

Jaguars - 3, Chargers - 0

4:14 PM: We’re almost midway through the first quarter. This is what happens when you have one winning season in the last decade.

Jaguars - 0, Chargers - 0

4:05 PM: Jen Hale just said that Gus Bradley and Todd Wash stood in each other’s weddings in FOX pregame. Explains a lot, tbph.

Jaguars - 0, Chargers - 0

4:03 PM: Chargers win toss and defer. Jaguars will start on offense. LET’S GOOOOOOO!

Jaguars - 0, Chargers - 0

2:35 PM: Denzel Perryman was expected to be out for Los Angeles, but that is still a good thing to see confirmed.

2:31 PM: Ronnie Harrison being out is very, very bad for this team. And as every week, this team has no tight ends.

8:42 AM: If you’re outside of Jacksonville, you may need to go to the bar to catch today’s game.

7:49 AM: It’s mock draft season, y’all! Check out this stellar mock draft from our friends over at Sports Illustrated’s Jaguars Maven.