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2019 NFL playoff picture: Jacksonville Jaguars officially eliminated

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have officially been eliminated from the 2019 NFL playoff picture after an embarrassing 45-10 loss to the Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers, according to James Brady of SBNation.

Last week, only the Bengals had been eliminated going into Thursday’s slate of games. But they have a lot of company down in the basement now, as they were joined by the Lions, Falcons, Giants, Dolphins, and Cardinals. The Buccaneers, Panthers Jaguars, Chargers, Jets, and Washington said goodbye to the 2019 season in Week 14.

And once again, a big tip of the hat to NFL Playoff Scenarios on Reddit, for doing all of the complicated elimination math (and giving you all the ties content you desire if that’s your thing).

We all knew 8-8 (or even 9-7) wasn’t going to get it done in the AFC South this year, but it’s good to finally put the nail in the coffin and move towards draft season.

Go Jaguars.