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Doug Marrone doesn’t clear up the Jaguars QB question

Washington Redskins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL Combine takes place this week, which means we will at the very least hear from some of the Jacksonville Jaguars brass. On Wednesday morning, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone met with the media at the combine and fielded some questions.

Obviously the big thing of interest is the quarterback position, of which Marrone actually didn’t really say a whole lot and didn’t seem to clear the smoke surrounding the position right now. While he didn’t explicitly say it and he was surprisingly not asked about it, it seemed very obvious from his answers that the Jaguars will be moving on from quarterback Blake Bortles as expected.

Marrone did mention that when looking for a quarterback he would prefer to have one who is ahead of the rest of the offense and everyone is catching up to them. Meaning that he would like someone who is going to devour whatever the team draws up for a playbook quickly. He’s looking for a high football IQ type of quarterback, be it a veteran or a rookie, and their playbook would be modified/paired down based on whatever they decide to do at the position.

He was also asked about what kind of veteran he would be looking for and mentioned that he’s had all kinds in the past, but did specifically mention leadership and helping a young player grow/acclimate to the league.

Personally, the feeling I got was that it sounds like their plan is a veteran quarterback plus a rookie, but Marrone does a really good job of saying a whole lot of nothing.