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Broncos killed the Nick Foles market

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Earlier this week I tweeted out that we would get a more clear answer on what the Jacksonville Jaguars were likely going to do at the quarterback position, how much real interest there is on Foles and what the overall market for Foles is going to be. After the news that the Philadelphia Eagles would not be tagging Foles, it sounds like they chose not to do so because after the Denver Broncos traded for Joe Flacco, the market for Foles instantly dried up.

As Rapoport states in the video above, once the Broncos made the Flacco trade and the Jaguars said “no thanks” to trading anything for Foles the Eagles decided not to franchise tag him. Couple that with the New York Giants making a pseudo-commitment to Eli Manning for 2019, the Oakland Raiders glowingly talking about Derek Carr and the general thought that the Miami Dolphins are going to just strip everything down and tank, the potential market for Nick Foles in free agency seemingly went dry.

It’s left with the Jaguars and... Washington? I guess?

The issue with the latter is that even with the Alex Smith injury likely keeping him out of football in 2019, Washington is still on the hook for a large chunk of his salary and unable to move on without eating a catastrophic dead money hit... I’d be shocked if Washington really went after Foles unless Smith decided to retire from football.

This more than likely means the fear of Foles costing $20 million + per year is gone, because the negotiating power is likely gone with not many teams in the market.

Now, could other teams decide to move on and pursue Foles? Sure, however based on how it looks right now, the market is dead and the Jaguars could be in the driver’s seat for the price point if Foles is who they’re targeting. If that’s the case and Foles number is driven way down, it also wouldn’t rule out the Jaguars going with Foles and a quarterback in the first round.

So uh... thank you John Elway?