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Nick Foles to buyout Eagles option, per report

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

News broke this week that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to exercise the 2019 $20 million option on quarterback Nick Foles, as most expected they would. Also as most expected, reports are now coming down from ESPN and NFL Network that Foles is going to give back $2 million to the Eagles in order to void that option and become a free agent.

There has been some talk of the Eagles using their franchise tag on Foles, which could be worth about $25 million guaranteed for a single season and then trading him for say a third round pick, however I find that to be very unlikely and I think that Foles ultimately ends up being a free agent.

I think the Eagles tagging Foles and then trying to trade him would be a non-starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who I expect to be at least somewhat interested in Foles if the price is right, but until it’s shown otherwise I still expect Foles to be too expensive for the Jaguars to commit to. Though, if he ends up just a true free agent, that makes it more likely than having to trade for him would be.