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2019 Jacksonville Jaguars free agency: Live blog for Day 2 of legal tampering

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We’re onto Day 2 of legal tampering and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the headliners from yesterday, signing Nick Foles to a four year, $88 million contract that could escalate all the way to $102 million and included $50 million in guaranteed money.


This is our Super Bowl, folks.

We’re going to try and gather every piece of news, every rumor, and every update in our live blogs through the rest of the week right here. We love you all.

12:51 PM: What witch craft is this?

11:18 AM: Jaguars won’t be hanging onto Jaydon Mickens.

9:52 AM: Former Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson is gone, but he’ll be back. He’s signing with the Houston Texans.

9:46 AM: Jacksonville got votes for best and worst free agency destination, but didn’t come close to leading in either. That’s fine... I’d rather be under the radar because Jacksonville is never going to compete for a top tier free agency landing spot. But Buffalo and Oakland got labeled as the worst? HOO BOY.

9:41 AM: Teddy Bridgewater was ever really an option, was he?

6:00 AM: This is still so wild to me. The thought of the Jaguars giving Nick Foles more money than he would have commanded on the open market for locker room respect is so disgusting and so illogical that it has to be true, right?