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VIDEO: Watch Jaguars WR Chris Conley’s Star Wars fan film

The Jacksonville Jaguars just signed my new favorite player.

While at college at the University of Georgia, wide receiver Chris Conley wrote, directed, and starred in a 26-minute Star Wars fan film with cameos from Todd Gurley and Mark Richt.

You can watch the full film here:

I was... well... not expecting this — it’s good!

After watching, the choreography on the lightsaber battles and large scale skirmishes are well thought out and better than you’d expect, the story isn’t bad and neither is the dialogue, the sound editing and special effects are really well done, and there’s a healthy amount of Mandalorian armor!

Is it cheesy? Yes. It’s a Star Wars fan film. It’s going to be cheesy. But it’s one I’d be proud of if I were Conley and his friends.

Watch the film above or here.