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Colts GM Chris Ballard didn’t want Jaguars to sign Nick Foles

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts are the odds on favorite to win the AFC South. With Andrew Luck healthy, an ascending offensive line, and more cap space than he knows what to do with, the Colts look poised to defend the division, much like the early 2000’s when the division was first formed.

But that doesn’t mean the Colts aren’t looking over their shoulder at how other teams are building their respective rosters.

One such move is the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Nick Foles, with Colts general manager Chris Ballard saying he would “prefer that he still be playing for the Eagles”.

Of course, this comes as no surprise. Ballard has eyes, two of them in fact, and he’s been able to watch the Jaguars trot out some of the worst quarterbacks over the years — Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler the most recent.

If I were the Colts’ general manager I, too, would prefer to see my team continue to take on Bortles and Kessler, despite the fact that Bortles made it close in Indianapolis and the Jaguars’ defense dragged Kessler’s lifeless body to a win in Jacksonville last season.

Go Jaguars.