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2019 NFL coaches picture power ranking: How handsome is Doug Marrone?

The annual spring meeting for the NFL’s owners and coaches is in full swing which means LOTS OF AWKWARD PHOTOS, including this one featuring 26 of the 32 current head coaches in the NFL.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were handsomely represented by Doug Marrone — far left, bottom row — who went with a comfortable ensemble that included a lightly colored short sleeve (sans jacket), well fitting khaki pants, and a great haircut.

One thing it didn’t include? Socks because you’re goddamn right it didn’t.

Marrone is a good looking man, there is no denying that, but how handsome is he when graded against his peers?

Thanks to Adam Stites for providing the list of coaches and their placement in the photo:

Top row (left to right): Jason Garrett, Zac Taylor, Mike Vrabel, Freddie Kitchens, Frank Reich, Ron Rivera, Matt Patricia, Anthony Lynn, Kyle Shanahan, Matt Nagy, Doug Pederson, Pat Shurmur

Bottom row (left to right): Doug Marrone, John Harbaugh, BELICHICK!, Mike Zimmer, Dan Quinn, Kliff Kingsbury, Sean McDermott, Andy Reid, Brian Flores, Bill O’Brien, Jon Gruden, Vic Fangio, Matt LaFleur, Jay Gruden

2019 NFL coaches handsomeness power ranking

  1. Matt LaFleur: A naturally handsome man who doesn’t let that get in the way of putting some effort into this picture.
  2. Kliff Kingsbury: Great sock/shoe combination. Shirt fits well. Arizona is in good hands.
  3. Brian Flores: An incredibly handsome man who although he went with a less-than-spring color combination for his outfit still pulls it off.
  4. Mike Vrabel: Would.
  5. Doug Marrone: Great hair, strong thighs, comfortable footwear — the man knows comfort, but he doesn’t embarrass himself getting there. Helen would be proud.
  6. Frank Reich: Probably the most photogenic of the group. I’m looking at in-game pictures and press conferences and Reich looks great in this photo. Well groomed face and hair. He really put some effort into this.
  7. John Harbaugh: What’s with the drab and dreary color combination? Spring has sprung, my man. The shoes are nice though.
  8. Zac Taylor: A good looking guy, but just too baby faced for my liking.
  9. Kyle Shanahan: Less naturally handsome than some and the beard needs some filling in.
  10. Bill Belichick: The pants are too lightly colored but the tan is a nice touch. Sneakers though? For shame, Bill.
  11. Matt Nagy: I had to go to Google since I couldn’t get a good look at him here and Matt is a handsome guy!
  12. Anthony Lynn: I just don’t know about the lavender shirt, man.
  13. Andy Reid: There is no denying that Reid is the star of this photo, but we’re talking handsomeness and he just doesn’t do anything for me.
  14. Vic Fangio: Meh.
  16. Sean McDermott: Jacket and sneakers in the same outfit. Sweet Christ, man. This ain’t Seinfeld.
  17. Doug Pederson: The man needs a better haircut and stat.
  18. Dan Quinn: I know the sting of 28-3 affects each man’s soul differently, but there is no excuse for jeans here.
  19. Freddie Kitchens: I love Freddie and I love the Browns but tuck in your shirt, man.
  20. Jason Garrett: There’s something indescribably creepy about the man’s face, especially his smile.
  21. Pat Shurmur: I’m sure he’s a great guy but I feel like he has expired Sugar Free Werther’s on his coffee table.
  22. Mike Zimmer: SHOW ME THOSE BABY BLUES, MIKE. One of only two coaches to wear sunglasses in the picture is Zimmer and I hope he heard about it from his family.
  23. Bill O’Brien: Butt chin.
  24. Matt Patricia: Ugh.
  25. Jon Gruden: If this is his normal smile, I’m terrified. If it’s his hungover smile, well, it’s a good effort.
  26. Jay Gruden: He looks like he just escaped Frankenstein’s laboratory.