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Jaguars reportedly interested in Teddy Bridgewater

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

While most of the 2019 NFL free agency news about the Jacksonville Jaguars has centered around former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, it sounds like he may not be the only option and it’s possible the “not so fast” report about it being a done deal had a little weight. ESPN’s Adam Schefter offhand mentioned on air that the Jaguars have expressed interest in free agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

That news has been buried a bit in all of the roster moves the Jaguars made on Friday, which most assume was to make cap room to sign Nick Foles, but the reality is almost all of those moves were moves planned to be done regardless of if the quarterback was going to be Blake Bortles, Nick Foles or a rookie. They just simply needed to clear cap room and those deals were setup to be the ones to do it.

As far as the interest in Bridgewater, I personally would be a bit surprised. I think it’s probably just something to counteract all the talk of Foles getting $20 million per year plus, as a kind of “Hey, there are other options out there we could go with”. If the Bridgewater interest is genuine however, I would presume it would come with targeting a quarterback early to back him up.

The Jaguars had chances to bring Bridgewater in the past, but reportedly David Caldwell wasn’t too high on him and there were concerns about how he would hold up post knee injury. If something has changed to where there is genuine interest, it’s likely coming from the likes of John DeFilippo or Tom Coughlin. The other benefit of going the Bridgewater route as a “bridge” quarterback (no pun) is that if he plays at a decent level and you draft a quarterback, you might be able to flip him for a draft pick when the rookie is ready.

As mentioned however, I tend to think this is just a play to show the Foles camp they have other options.