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Jaguars 2019 draft hats are here!

A tribute to the Bold New City of the Sunshine State.

The Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 draft hats are here!

It looks like the NFL decided to go with individual city themes this year, and the Jaguars’ hat appears to be a tribute to their city flag, with bright orange sun rays as the centerpiece of the city hat. The team hat features quite a bit of teal, white, and black, with the logo front and center.

Many Jaguars fans are hoping an elite pass rusher or superstar tight end will be wearing this style of hat in Nashville on the night of Thursday, April 25.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Jaguars’ official draft hat, there are plenty of links below depending upon the shape of your choosing:

Get yours today at the Jaguars Fanatics Store!