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2019 NFL Draft rumors: 3 scenarios that may impact the Jaguars

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We are mercifully five days away from Roger Goodell walking to the podium in Nashville and putting the Arizona Cardinals on the clock to begin the 2019 NFL Draft.

What the Jacksonville Jaguars will do with their pick at number seven overall is anyone’s guess. However, we have a pretty good idea— both from their in-house visits as well as pressing needs, at which positions the team is likely headed towards improving with their first round pick.

With that in mind, I decided to break down three potential scenarios that can face the Jaguars on Thursday from the perspective of how things play out prior to their pick, what it could cause the team to do when they’re on the clock, and how it would impact their next six selections over the weekend. Some may seem far fetched, but keep in mind, anything can happen in the draft.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Scenario 1: “The Chalk”

What happens picks No. 1-6: We start with the outcome that seems to be the consensus of most reputable mock drafts for weeks now.

  1. ARI- Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
  2. SF- Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio St.
  3. NYJ- Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama
  4. OAK- Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
  5. TB- Devin White, LB, LSU
  6. NYG- Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan

What do the Jaguars do at No. 7: In this scenario, the consensus top five players are all off the board immediately in Murray, Bosa, Williams, Allen, and White. The Giants select Gary with their first of two first round selections and likely wait on a quarterback with the 17th overall pick. This leaves the Jags with their choice from the top offensive lineman or tight end on their board, as well as a group of defensive help in Ed Oliver, Montez Sweat, and Brian Burns. Since we’re taking the chalk route here, the Jaguars decide to take the highest rated offensive linemen on their board and draft the offensive tackle from Florida, Jawaan Taylor. Thus ensuring no questions remain heading into camp as to who the starting five protecting Nick Foles will be.

What do the Jaguars do next: Having addressed the offensive line with their premium pick, the Jags use their second round selection to address the need at edge rusher with Michigan’s Chase Winovich, then spend two third round picks on adding to the offensive side with Miles Sanders of Penn St. and Josh Oliver of San Jose St. at running back and tight end, respectively. They add by BAP theory on Day Three of the draft.

Scenario 2: “The QB Run”

What happens picks #1-6: In this scenario, despite all the talk about this being a bad year for quarterbacks, three of them go off the board within the first six selections with Arizona and the Giants going with rumored passers of their choice, and the Jets finding a trading partner to move up and select another. This leaves the Jaguars with some intriguing possibilities.

  1. ARI- Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
  2. SF- Nick Bosa, DL, Ohio St.
  3. DEN (via NYJ)- Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
  4. OAK- Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
  5. TB- Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama
  6. NYG- Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

What do the Jaguars do at No. 7: Well, what an interesting state of affairs this would leave Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell in. They once again stare at their choice of best offensive lineman or tight end available, and thanks to the Giants have Rashan Gary added to the mix of Sweat and Burns. But Tampa Bay going with Williams to replace the “on his way out” Gerald McCoy, allows Devin White to slide into the Jaguars’ lap and while it’s rare to take a linebacker this high, remember Tom Coughlin has precedent in selecting Kevin Hardy second overall in 1996 for the Jaguars, and he worked out pretty well. White is as good, if not better, than Hardy was as a prospect and allows the Jaguars to solidify the linebacker position pairing him with Myles Jack and letting the team move on from what appears to be a souring marriage with Telvin Smith via a draft day trade, and adding additional draft picks in the process.

What do the Jaguars do next: By selecting White, the Jaguars are able to trade Telvin Smith for an extra third round pick, bringing their Day Two total selections to four. With the added ammunition, they go heavy on the offensive side, drafting offensive tackle Kaleb McGary with their first second round pick and trading two of the three third round selections to move back into the second round, (something Dave Caldwell has been known to do), to take Memphis running back Darrell Henderson. Finally, they address the tight end spot with their remaining third round pick by selecting San Diego St. tight end Kahale Warring. Day Three is used to find best available edge rusher and safety.

Scenario Three: “Weapon X”

What happens picks #1-6: The Cardinals pass on Kyler Murray, and sends the NFL Draft into a free for all at the top, with Murray landing to Oakland and more defensive talent pushed down the board. Meanwhile, the Jets decide to shore up their offensive line for Sam D’Arnold with a somewhat surprise pick and the Giants have Allen fall into their laps.

  1. ARI- Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama
  2. SF- Nick Bosa, DL, Ohio St.
  3. NYJ- Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama
  4. OAK- Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
  5. TB- Devin White, LB, LSU
  6. NYG- Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky

What do the Jaguars do at No. 7: The Jaguars are once again left with Jawaan Taylor available to them, as well as Ed Oliver, Gary, and Sweat, but they decide to equip Nick Foles with the best offensive weapon available in their opinion and select the tight end from Iowa... Noah Fant. The Jaguars view Fant’s size, speed, and big play capabilities as solving two needs in one as both a tight end and vertical threat more so than his teammate Hockenson and though some scoff at the notion, Fant is shown to be the top offensive player on their board.

What do the Jaguars do next: After solving the tight end issue, and probably shocking a great number of Jags fans, the team spends night two addressing it’s other needs with the team selecting offensive tackle Tytus Howard of Alabama State in the second round, followed by Boston College’s Zach Allen and David Montgomery of Iowa State in the third round to address the defensive end and running back spots and additional needs at safety and receiver on Day 3.