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Who is your current Jaguars draft crush?

NFL: Combine Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2019 NFL Draft a few days away, most fans are in their fox hole with their favorite prospects, especially for who they want the Jacksonville Jaguars to pick with the seventh overall pick. I asked the question on Twitter, but also wanted to ask it here...

Who is your current realistic crush for the Jaguars to pick at No. 7?

For me personally, it’s Houston defensive lineman Ed Oliver.

In my opinion he’s the best defensive lineman in the draft and it’s puzzling he’s not the consensus No. 1 lineman off the board, which at this point seems to be Nick Bosa. While Oliver is undersized for defensive tackle at the NFL level, his size hasn’t seemed to be a problem for him at all while playing for University of Houston.

In fact, most of last season Houston seemed to play him at nosetackle in a 3-4 styled front, which is a big reason his sacks and tackles for loss took a dip. Even though his production on the stat sheet went down, if you go watch his games in 2018 he was still a wrecking ball at the nose position, often collapsing the pocket and eating up defenders and disrupting the run game.

For Jacksonville Oliver would fill the role that Malik Jackson did, which is the pass rushing three-technique. I’d think he’d slot right into the defensive line and excel.