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2019 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft: Day 1 live blog

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL Draft is just hours away. It is actually here — and the Jacksonville Jaguars are once again picking in the top 10. Will they try and trade down? Will they stay put at pick Jonah Williams? What about T.J. Hockenson? Noah Fant? DWAYNE HASKINS?!?!

(Probably not.)

We’ll be updating this live blog all day (and running live blogs every day of the draft) and packing in every rumor, piece of news, and mention of the Jaguars.

Live blog

9:31 PM: Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell confirm that Josh Allen will fill Dante Fowler’s spot as a versatile linebacker who can be a pass rushing specialist. No brainer.

9:13 PM: Jalen Ramsey approves the Josh Allen pick. I stan.

9:12 PM: Oh my God, Josh Allen’s walk up music was Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn” and I am openly weeping.

9:09 PM: What a dream scenario for this front office. God bless you, Jon Gruden.


8:32 PM: Nick Bosa to the San Francisco 49ers with the second overall pick. Hell of a defense they’re building to pair with Jimmy Garoppolo.

8:26 PM: And the Arizona Cardinals make Kyler Murray the first overall draft pick this year.

8:17 PM: Hilarious.

8:06 PM: Nashville looks ELECTRIC. Damn.


1:49 PM: Washington is rumored to want to trade up for a quarterback, but they’re currently apparently fighting between what looks like an actual good quarterback and Blake Bortles with an un-fun name.

1:05 PM: Some teams think Montez Sweat was misdiagnosed at the combine and the heart issue may not actually be a risk or a big deal.

12:30 PM: The Houston Texans are open to trading Jadeveon Clowney, which seems really weird!

11:58 AM: Looks like after changing defensive schemes AGAIN the 49ers are looking to see if they can get anything for 2017 first round pick Solomon Thomas.

10:00 AM: The Oakland Raiders allegedly moved Dwayne Haskins up their board today. Multiple quarterbacks going ahead of the Jaguars would be a great thing.

8:51 AM: Don’t be surprised if/when the Jaguars trade down when a guy like Ed Oliver or Josh Allen falls. This is a deep class at positions of need for the Jaguars and picking up an extra first or second round pick would be hugely beneficial for this team.

7:18 AM: I am ready. My body is ready. My soul is ready.

7:14 AM: Agree. The Jaguars need a right tackle and Alabama offensive lineman Jonah Williams checks a lot of boxes. Although a game changing tight end is important, getting some help on the right side of the offensive line is key.