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Tom Coughlin: Josh Allen was in top 5 on Jaguars draft board

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If you’re asking the Jacksonville Jaguars — and specifically Tom Coughlin — the franchise got an absolute steal with picking Kentucky pass rusher Josh Allen with the seventh overall pick.

When asked shortly after the pick if Allen was in the team’s top five, Coughlin was blunt:


In fact, according to a source close to Big Cat Country, Allen was the third overall player on the team’s draft board. Getting the third best player on your draft board — and a consensus top 10 player across the league no matter who you ask — is a heck of a haul.

And if you think you’ve got enough pass rushers on your team, you’re fooling yourself, Coughlin said to close out his press conference.

“Can’t get enough. Can’t have enough.”