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Jaguars select Josh Oliver in 2019 NFL Draft

The Jacksonville Jaguars have selected San Jose State tight end Josh Oliver in the third round of the 2019 NFL draft. It’s no surprise that the Jaguars went after a tight end up their next pick, as it was the teams next most glaring need after adding pass rusher Josh Allen in Round 1 and offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor in round two.

Oliver is a player a lot of draft analysts pegged as a sleeper at the position would could turn into a top tight end in the NFL with some development. Oliver was actually recruited as a pass rusher, but he showed a knack on the offensive side of the ball and showed an ability to make athletic catches, noted for his ability to go up and get the ball.

Oliver is more of a joker or move type of tight end, something the Jaguars haven’t really had in quite a while. He’s someone who can threaten the seam and has shown a lot of hard work to grow and learn the position.