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Jaguars players to front office: ‘Pay Yannick Ngakoue’

The Jacksonville Jaguars have once again Jacksonville Jaguar’d, folks.

Yannick Ngakoue, a premier pass rusher in the NFL, is still on his rookie contract. For the first three years of his contract, them’s the breaks. The newly negotiated CBA literally doesn’t allow a team to renegotiate contracts with a player during that time period.

But this is Ngakoue’s fourth NFL season... and he’s eligible (and deserving) of a new contract.

Instead, the Jaguars — who are just 12 months away from giving a potato who’s a downgrade from Quinn Gray tens of millions of dollars — are playing hardball with Ngakoue. And Ngakoue is deciding that it’s not worth the hassle, opting to skip mandatory mini camp to send a message.

And his teammates don’t like it.

Jalen Ramsey

Leonard Fournette

Please pay the man, Jaguars.