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100 moments in 100 days: Tommy Bohanon seam touchdown to beat the Steelers

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This year marks the 25th season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To celebrate, we’re counting down 100 days from our regular season kickoff with the top 100 moments in franchise history.

Yesterday it was Calais Campbell’s four-sack performance against the Houston Texans back in 2017.

Today? Tommy Bohanon’s touchdown to seal the win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2017 AFC Divisional Game.

“The Jaguars called a fake lead draw fullback vert to win the game.”

Beaux knows.

And it was a beautiful play design at the exact right time in the game at the exact right point in the field. Inside linebacker Vince Williams (No. 98) is absolutely bamboozled. He thinks fullback Tommy Bohanon is going to block again because let’s face it, the dude has been a pulling guard for about 98 percent of this season.

It’s a play you don’t see often because it’s not the trend. It’s not how teams are built for the most part. Typically, you’d see teams spread it out. Typically on second down in the red zone at this point in the game this ball is going to a receiver or out in the flat or kept as a quarterback draw.

But the Jaguars called a fake lead draw fullback vert to beat the Steelers.

Your favorite team could never.

Send us your favorite moments and we’ll dig into each one until the Jaguars kick off on September 8th — including whatever video, audio, or stories we can find.

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