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100 moments in 100 days: Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew run rampant over Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

This year marks the 25th season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To celebrate, we’re counting down 100 days from our regular season kickoff with the top 100 moments in franchise history.

Yesterday it was a Leonard Fournette run — a 90-yard touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Today? Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Alvin Pearman (!!!) running rampant over the Indianapolis Colts to the tune of 368 rushing yards on 37 carries.

You get dusted for 10 yards a carry on nearly 40 carries and you gotta burn the jersey, folks.

You can watch the full game here:

Send us your favorite moments and we’ll dig into each one until the Jaguars kick off on September 8th — including whatever video, audio, or stories we can find.

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