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2019 NFL fantasy football: DraftKings previews the Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re weeks away from most of you drafting your fantasy football teams (although some degenerates have already begun putting together their rosters) and the Jacksonville Jaguars will certainly have some players you’ll want to pick in the middle and later rounds.

DraftKings is putting out their team-by-team previews and they recently did a deep dive on the Jacksonville Jaguars which you can read here:

The main takeaway for me is that the Jaguars overhauled their offense and this is not the same personnel we’ve been used to. With that in mind, they could easily be one of the bigger surprises in the AFC this season if Nick Foles can replicate the success he’s had in the postseason. If Leonard Fournette can remain healthy and be more involved in the passing game, he should also be in line for a bounce-back season. The Jaguars reinforced their defense through the draft and by re-signing Jalen Ramsey, so it wouldn’t shock me if they found themselves in more positive game scripts this season, which would be good news for Fournette. Overall, this should be a team that shows some improvements in the standings.

There’s a lot to take in with the preview — Leonard Fournette could be worth an early pick, Dede Westbrook should be a breakout star, and more — but you can read it all right here.