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100 moments in 100 days: Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts III for the win against the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars 12-1-2013

This year marks the 25th season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To celebrate, we’re counting down 100 days from our regular season kickoff with the top 100 moments in franchise history.

Yesterday it was the 2017 defense — maybe the best defense this team has ever had.

Today it’s a comeback victory against the Cleveland Browns on the road.

For two hapless teams this was actually one of the more exciting games of the Gus Bradley Era.

They traded fourth quarter leads several times, Josh Gordon got his second consecutive 200-yard game (the first player in NFL history to do that!), Johnathan Cyprien got his first career interception, Maurice Jones-Drew threw a touchdown to Marcedes Lewis, and more!

But it was Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts III in the final minutes that sealed their third victory in four weeks and gave us fans some hope going into the 2014 NFL season.

Send us your favorite moments and we’ll dig into each one until the Jaguars kick off on September 8th — including whatever video, audio, or stories we can find.

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