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Jalen Ramsey: ‘I’ve been impressed with Nick Foles. He’s making us be on our shit’

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Count Jalen Ramsey as a fan of Nick Foles.

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished up Day 4 of training camp yesterday and when asked about his new quarterback, Ramsey had a very unique way of describing how he likes having Foles as the guy under center.

“I’ve been impressed with Nick,” Ramsey said. “He’s making us better. He’s making us kind of be on our —excuse my language — he’s making us be on our shit a little bit sooner than we had previously had to, and that’s good. We’re out there. We’re getting in the mindset. We’re getting locked in. He’s making some good throws and making some plays. We’re making some good breaks. We’re making some plays. We’re in the right position. I think it’s been very good and fair battles.”

Now let’s compare that to Blake Bortles, because Ramsey had some complimentary things to say about the former Jaguars quarterback too.

At this point two years ago, Ramsey was liking stories we were putting out talking about potential replacements for Bortles.

And then in last summer’s GQ article, Ramsey was very specific about praising Bortles, saying that playoff Bortles “do what he gotta do”.

So there you have it — Ramsey was impressed with certain things about Bortles and has been impressed with certain things about Foles!

Go Jaguars.