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100 moments in 100 days: Booing Chad Henne until Blake Bortles made his first NFL appearance

This year marks the 25th season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To celebrate, we’re counting down 100 days from our regular season kickoff with the top 100 moments in franchise history.

Yesterday it was Mr. 20 himself — Jalen Ramsey.

Today? Booing Chad Henne so viciously that Blake Bortles made his first NFL appearance back in 2014.

Prior to the NFL Draft, the Jaguars maintained they would prefer whatever quarterback they drafted to sit and learn until they were ready to play. But that plan fell apart just as quickly as the offense did with Chad Henne leading it through the first few games of the 2014 season.

Bortles started the offseason in OTAs a little rough, like most expected, and the team decided to completely rebuild his throwing mechanics starting with his footwork. He progressed fairly quickly entering training camp, shining for the first time in the Jaguars preseason scrimmage.

He flashed a lot of potential in the first two games of the preseason, but it really began to be hammered home in the third preseason game against the Detroit Lions. Bortles came into the game in the final two minutes of the first half and led a drive down the field for a field goal — and on that single drive gained more yards than Chad Henne had through the first quarter and a half.

Jacksonville went on to lose 34-17 in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles, a game in which they led 17-0 at halftime. They followed that up with a pathetic showing in Week 2 against Washington, losing 41-10 and putting Henne on the hot seat.

Here they were — playing their home opener in Week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts. The offense continued to look awful through the first half. The boos were vicious and the chants for Bortles to replace Henne were heard even on the CBS broadcast.

God, we were so dumb.

Send us your favorite moments and we’ll dig into each one until the Jaguars kick off on September 8th — including whatever video, audio, or stories we can find.

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