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Jaguars film room: Breaking down the preseason offense

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars only have one touchdown so far and it didn’t come until the fourth quarter in the second preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Some would say this is a cause of concern, and…. well, it is.

First half of the preseason

Yes, there are a lot of injuries, and yes it’s only preseason, but players not getting on the field is only going to prevent momentum from forming early into the season. The Jaguars third preseason game will say a lot about the overall talent on the offensive side of the ball with almost the entire starting offensive line projected to start. Lets dive into the offensive line from what we saw so far this August.

In the first play of the game the starting left guard trips allowing only a short gain early on.

Here is a good play design but bad execution by the offensive line not knowing who to pick up.

Despite the bad attempt in the first quarter a similar play call was made in the second quarter with a pretty good outcome.

On the next play the starting offensive line from last year loses a 3 v 2 battle with the Ravens defensive line. This is why Jaguar fans should be excited to see Jawaan Taylor make his first start tonight.

This has to be the worst play of the entire preseason and where I leave the second string offensive line alone

The second play of the game was an easy touchdown but Gardner Minshew under threw D.J. Chark. Good sign is that Nick Foles would have marked up an easy six points here.

Minshew will make a pretty solid backup is he continues to read the defense like he does here on this play. The Linebacker creeps up for the blitz and without though Minshew sees the open space and gets it to Tre McBride for the first down.

Moving onto Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

There were a lot of well thought out play designs that fooled the Eagles defense. Here is a play early that gave the Jaguars a 14 yard gain.

Week 2 still left me scratching my head with the recent offseason pickup of Cedric Ogbuehi from the Cincinnati Bengals. Luckily Alfred Blue came out of the backfield quick preventing the edge rusher from getting a hand on him but it is surprising how Cedric only held him up for a few milliseconds.

On this next play, which was one of the largest gains in the entire preseason, the play action fools the entire Eagles defense leaving McBride wide open over top the linebackers.

Another very cool play design with Tyler Shatley (Yes! I said Shatley!) as the lead blocker for the running back here where he pulls and makes a key block on the safety.

On the next play the defense is playing off the wide receivers on third down and Minshew is still able to get the ball to the tight end to get the first down. The quarterback’s head is the most crucial part of this play to keep the safety on the left side of the field giving James O’Shaughnessy open space for the catch.

Let’s hope the Jaguars offense leave these cross patterns in the past. During the Eagles game they were only called two or three times.

Let’s keep it that way.

Overall, I am happy with the Jaguars offensive performance in through two weeks of the preseason despite the massive amount of injuries to the starters. They stepped it up from Week 1 and I only see them improving with a healthier offensive line and Leonard Fournette in the backfield.

In tonight’s game against the Miami Dolphins if the Jaguars don’t score at least 14 points in the first half then it will be a cause for concern.