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Taven Bryan and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Prior to Thursday night’s preseason game against the Miami Dolphins I wrote about how while not being where you want him to be, second-year defensive lineman Taven Bryan has been making some improvements, just not as much as you’d like to see. Bryan followed that up with another mostly bad evening against the Dolphins on national television.

The issue with Bryan’s mostly mediocre play is exacerbated by the fact that Josh Allen looked like the second coming of Khalil Mack in only 27 snaps in Thursday night’s game. Bryan ended the game with just one tackle, but his impact was much bigger... in a bad way. He was called for two roughing the passer penalties on the night, one of which was comically bad.

Well after Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick completed a pass down the field, Bryan took a shot at Fitzpatrick who sold the hit fantastically, drawing the personal foul. Some late hits on the quarterback are just effort plays where they’re trying to finish the play and just can’t stop. I’m fine with those, that is going to happen. This from Bryan however, was just flat out dumb. You cannot do that.

Bryan is going to be on the Jaguars this season, any talk of him being cut is absurd right now no matter how bad he’s been, and he’s not been nearly as bad as most people make it out to be. He’s going to be heavy in the team’s defensive line rotation so the only thing we can hope for is for Bryan to get his head on right and get better, fast.

Thankfully the team’s defensive line is in a position where they can carry Bryan while he settles in and hopefully develops, but calling Bryan a total bust and wanting him cut/traded immediately is a bit too much of a knee-jerk reaction. We knew Bryan coming in was a project player and his third preseason game in his second season isn’t going to end his story, but it’s certainly not off to a good start.