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Big Cat Country Q&A: Which Jaguars player has the best chance of playing their way onto the roster tonight?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars closing out their preseason against the Atlanta Falcons tonight!

RJ from Sanford, FL

Q: Who has the best chance of playing their way on to the 53-man roster tonight?

A: I think the final wide receiver spot is still up for grabs, so if you’re going to watch anything tonight it needs to be Tre McBride vs. C.J. Board. Both have flashed in the preseason, both have been the most productive receivers by far, and both deserve a spot on the roster. Only one will likely make it. Other than that, the Jaguars may only go with two quarterbacks for their 53-man roster so if Alex McGough is going to make a case to stick around tonight will be the night for it.

Chris from Niagara Falls, Canada

Q: It seems when Tom Coughlin & Co. extended Blake Bortles they thought they could get to the Super Bowl with a great defense and an average quarterback. Seeing how that failed because Blake was below average and we now have Nick Foles, do you think this year will be the current management’s last chance?

A: If by “last chance” you mean that Foles is their last chance at reaching their goal, then maybe. If by “last chance” you mean it’s 2019 or bust, no. Shad Khan has been patient — maybe too patient — with this regime. If Foles doesn’t do more than an early playoff exit over the next few years, I could still see the current front office surviving.

Matt from Denver, CO

Q: Do you think the Jaguars will roll with Foles and these backups? Or do you think they’ll look to upgrade at backup quarterback off the waiver wire?

A: It’s Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew for 2019. Help is not on the way.

Trent from Stockbridge, GA

Q: Do you think Datone Jones cracks the starting lineup at Big End (move Calais Campbell inside) or 3-tech (subpar Taven Bryan play)?

A: I think Jones makes the 53-man roster and I think he’ll steal snaps from Bryan as the season goes on.

Chevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you think Foles plays all 16 games this year?

A: No.

Butch from Seattle, WA

Q: How will the Week 1 game against the Kansas City Chiefs go?

A: I think we lose somewhere in the ballpark of 27-20.

Ben from Los Angeles, CA

Q: Which Jaguars player most likely to be cut will be picked up quickly by another team?

A: Whichever wide receiver we cut between Tre McBride and C.J. Board.

Keith from Orlando, FL

Q: Do you see the Jaguars making a trade for a wide receiver or tight end before the season starts. Tight end is very thin right now.

A: No, but I think they’ll be active on the waiver wire. We have about a dozen suggestions for tight end pickups here but if I think a trade of any significance would have happened by now. Now... could we be looking to deal some players after tonight’s game? I hope so. We have a lot of depth at defensive line and cornerback.

Ryan from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Why did we get rid of Corey Grant and why are we not trying to get him back? He was fantastic for screens and short passes.

A: He was a gadget player who played a very niche role. That role was enhanced during the first half of the 2017 AFC Championship Game when we rang up a lead on the New England Patriots. I think that’s the reason we have an inflated sense of his value.