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100 moments in 100 days: Tony Boselli owning Jason Taylor on Monday Night Football

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

This year marks the 25th season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. To celebrate, we’re counting down 100 days from our regular season kickoff with the top 100 moments in franchise history.

Yesterday it was TOWELS CARRY EBOLA.

Today? Tony Boselli punking Jason Taylor on Monday Night Football back in 1998.

October 12, 1998

Coming into the Week 5 nationally televised matchup, Taylor was a rising star in just his sophomore season. He had amassed 5.0 sacks in just four games — with two multi-sack games to his credit already.

And then he met Boselli.

It was like watching a street fight for 60 minutes with both trash talking throughout the game with Boselli claiming after the game that Taylor tried to trip him or kick his ankles after a play was over.

But it was this quote from Boselli in the immediate post game that summed up the night best:

“If you want to talk trash between the whistles, fine. I play a lot of guys who talk. But I’ve never played a guy who talks so much trash without making a play.”

Zero sacks for Taylor on the night and a fifth straight win to begin the season for the 1998 Jaguars.

You can read about the fight between Taylor and Boselli here in all its retro, late-90’s newspaper glory here.

Send us your favorite moments and we’ll dig into each one until the Jaguars kick off on September 8th — including whatever video, audio, or stories we can find.

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