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Why did the Jaguars trade for Josh Dobbs?

NFL: Preseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced that Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Nick Foles had a broken clavicle that would require surgery, we knew the team would be adding another quarterback with Foles going to injured reserve. I think most figured they would re-sign Alex McGough from the Houston Texans practice squad (they tried) or just add one of the random street free agent veterans.

I don’t think many anticipated a trade for a quarterback and if they did it probably wasn’t for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs.

I’m one of those people, and even after sleeping on it, I don’t get it.


This doesn’t really have anything to do with Josh Dobbs specifically, but it sort of does. Mostly my thought process is; Why are you giving up draft capital for someone you hope never has to play? Why not just sign one of the slew of back up veterans available without giving up any assets?

Sure, it’s only a fifth-round pick in 2020 and they have an extra one from the Dante Fowler Jr. trade, but like ... why?

The reality is; unless you’re going to try to make a play for someone like Teddy Bridgewater or Tyrod Taylor or something, actual NFL starters, what is the difference? I can’t imagine Dobbs is thought of that highly in league circles considering he was third on the Steelers quarterback depth chart, but then again they did decide to keep three quarterbacks so perhaps they knew there was some interest.

There’s really only one thing that makes sense in my mind with the quick trade to get Dobbs, and that is that the team thinks Foles is going to be out for the entire 2019 season. Mind you if Foles comes back they’re most likely going to roster three quarterbacks because you’re not going to cut Dobbs and basically waste the fifth-round pick and I have a hard time seeing them cut Gardner Minshew.

Why not just sign a Tom Savage or a Brock Osweiler who you can cut later in the year and still have your draft pick?

The only other option is that it’s another panic move by the team, like the Carlos Hyde move last season they made way too late in the process. This feels like the opposite end of the spectrum and rushing to get something done. The move for another developmental quarterback in case the current one starting goes down is an odd one, to say the least.

It’s Week 1, it’s not like it’s at the wire for the trade deadline. Go find a vet and then explore trade options, maybe you’ll have better ones based on how the season is going around the league and maybe a team will want to dump a player.