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Jaguars HC Doug Marrone praises OL Will Richardson: ‘No one really said anything about him.’

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were in a tough spot. Their starting left tackle Cam Robinson is out indefinitely with a hyperextended knee. Backup left tackle Cedric Ogbuehi was injured as well. So, the team turned to second year offensive lineman Will Richardson, a guy who had played literally one snap of left tackle since high school.

Richardson went out and, like Minshew, performed better than anyone could have hoped. I didn’t really notice him and forgot we had an emergency left tackle in the game until after the dust had settled.

And according to head coach Doug Marrone, that’s how you know Richardson did so well. When asked on the positives he saw from the film on Richardson, here’s what Marrone had to say:

“I think the easiest way to explain that, and not to be a jerk about it, is that no one really said anything about him. And when people don’t really say a lot like, ‘He struggled,’ or, ‘He gave up a sack,’ or ‘The penalties,’ or things of that nature and he functioned well. That usually says a lot, that he played well. But Will’s worked hard. [He’s] really overcome a lot that first year. I really – and I told this to Will when he first came back here – I didn’t know where he was going to go. I didn’t know whether he’d be out on a street today or he’d be playing, and I give him a lot of credit after what he went through last year, which was really tough maybe not having a lot of positives to build on. He’s turned it around. I feel comfortable if Will plays left tackle for us or if Will competes at right guard. I have no problem playing Will Richardson [Jr.] at any position except center.”

We don’t yet know how much longer Robinson and Ogbuehi are out — but as long as Richardson plays as well as he did on Sunday, the left side of that line seems to be in good hands.