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Doug Marrone ‘can’t recall’ what led to sideline fight with Jalen Ramsey

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their Week 2 matchup against the Houston Texans by a score of 13-12, but it was a sideline fight in the first quarter that will be one of the more vivid memories from the game.

Shortly after holding the Texans to a field goal on a drive that included a contested catch that cornerback Jalen Ramsey told the coaching staff they should challenge (and they didn’t) cameras caught these interactions on the sidelines.

When asked about the confrontation in his post game press conference, Marrone didn’t seem to remember what they were about:

“A lot of emotion in the game, I’m sure. I don’t know. I can’t recall.”

Ramsey chose not to make himself available to media, but I doubt Marrone forgot what started the yelling match.

Go Jaguars.