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Leonard Fournette, other Jaguars, thought he broke the plane on two-point conversion attempt

“I thought I got in.”

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were big underdogs on the road against the Houston Texans this past Sunday, and it was for good reason — the team started Gardner Minshew, a sixth-round rookie, at quarterback and also had multiple key players out on both offense and defense.

Still, against all odds, the Jaguars hung tough throughout the game. The defense severely limited Houston’s high-powered offense, and Minshew played with poise throughout the duration of the contest. It came down to a last minute score, as Minshew found D.J. Chark in the end zone with 30 seconds left on the clock, which put the Jags within a point on the scoreboard. Head coach Doug Marrone decided to go for two points in lieu of kicking the game-tying extra point. Leonard Fournette was then stuffed at the goal line and the Jags ended up losing by a score of 13-12.

When speaking to media after the game about the two-point play, Fournette was certain he broke the plane. Per

“I thought I got in,” Fournette said.

“Marrone believed we could win it. We believed we could win it. It’s not just that play. We had a lot of plays before that on both sides. It’s football. Things happen.”

Some of Fournette’s teammates agreed with the running back. Both Minshew and defensive end Calais Campbell thought he scored the two-point conversion.

“It looked from our angle like he got it,” Campbell said. “I know it has to be definitive on those rulings. I wonder if they had called it a touchdown on the field if it would have stood as a touchdown. I think it would have had to. I don’t think they could have changed it either way.”

Meanwhile. Minshew had this to say:

“We felt really good about the call,” Minshew said. “We had the right look. Leonard was close on the field. I thought he got it. That’s how it goes sometimes. I’d bet 10 times out of 10 for him right there to get in there.”

It’s clear the team supported the call to go for two. Most of the fans seemed to be on board with it as well, but the play call itself — giving the ball to Fournette, who couldn’t find running room all day, was questionable at best.

To me, it’s pretty clear that Fournette was stopped short of the goal line, so there’s not much drama here, but it was very close after Fournette pushed the pile after initially being hit moments after receiving the ball.