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Big Cat Country Q&A: How do you actually fix the Jaguars next year?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars facing the Tennessee Titans in Week 3 on Thursday Night Football!

Tim from Ocala, FL

Q: Will Doug Marrone rob our chosen champion Gardner Minshew of another moment on Thursday?

A: I would put money on if it were 18-17 with another two point conversion to win it, that Doug Marrone would run the ball once again right up the middle with Leonard Fournette. There is no regret in the decision, at least publicly, and Fournette is the bell cow back. If we’re in that situation again and we throw the ball up, I’d be surprised. Encouraged, but surprised.

Ed from Baltimore, MD

Q: I know it’s still early but it’s hard to be optimistic about this season. Let’s say we finish with 3-5 wins and everyone gets fired. How do you actually fix this team next year?

A: It all depends on Gardner Minshew. If Minshew is the real deal — or at least enough of the real deal — and you can go into the offseason with (at least) Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell fired, the situation looks awfully enticing to better prospects than when we tried this back in 2012. No one wanted to be here then. No one. That’s why we got Mike Mularkey (and later Gus Bradley) and Dave Caldwell. Multiple first round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade and a quarterback on the cheap for the next three seasons would have candidates coming out of the woodwork.

Mark from Jacksonville, FL

Q: If the following players/coaches were types of alcohol, what would they be? Need to know what to buy for Thursday. Leonard Fournette, Doug Maronne, Jalen Ramsey, and Gardner Minshew.

A: Leonard Fournette is Bud Heavy, Doug Marrone is a glass of milk, Jalen Ramsey is Fireball whiskey, and Gardner Minshew is tequila.

Daniel from London, UK

Q: Why do I put myself through this?

A: So say all who live to see such times.

Brandon from Jacksonville, FL

Q: The run defense has looked suspect through the first two weeks. How concerned are you with the Titans coming to town, considering they would likely want nothing more than to run the ball 40 times in the game?

A: I am very concerned. I think that aside from Gardner Minshew’s play, the run defense will be the greatest contributor to a win or a loss.

Tyson from Tacoma, WA

Q: We saw Josh Dobbs with his helmet on Sunday as well as studying some plays. It seemed as if the Jaguars were toying with the idea of putting him in. What would Gardner Minshew have to do (or not do) for Dobbs to come in?

A: For Josh Dobbs to come in, Gardner Minshew would have to be physically unable to play football. I’m serious. You’re not putting Dobbs in unless you have no other option — and Minshew coming off his third straight interception would still probably be a better option than Dobbs.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: A.J. Cann, who does he have pictures of?

A: Everyone.

Jimmy from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What team does Jalen Ramsey get traded to and for what amount of compensation?

A: I think the favorite is the Kansas City Chiefs for two first round picks and a player. A dark horse candidate could be the Philadelphia Eagles or Baltimore Ravens.

Kenny from Denver, CO

Q: With the continual bungling of players and team chemistry and the eventual departure of Jalen Ramsey, why should we continue to support this franchise when time after time the front office has shown nothing but dysfunction? What should we cling too? Also, do you think I should shell out money to see them in Week 4 against the Denver Broncos or will it be another beat down like I saw against the Dallas Cowboys last year?

A: It all depends on who you’re going with. If it’s gonna be a fun time before and after the game, sure. If you’re going just for the game... well... your retirement account could always use a little bump.