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Tom Coughlin texts QB Eli Manning to see how he’s doing... nothing to see here, folks

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Tom Coughlin has had a busy week.

Jalen Ramsey, the best player on his Jacksonville Jaguars team (and arguably one of the best in franchise history) is asking for a trade.

Gardner Minshew, your sixth round rookie quarterback, is playing lights out and just won a season saving game against the Tennessee Titans on national television.

Doug Marrone, your embattled head coach, is trying to keep the locker room together and he’s doing it. Barely.

But when you can steal away a few minutes to text your former quarterback who’s been benched to see how he’s doing, you gotta go for it, right?

That’s right — in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of his life — Tom Coughlin is texting New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning just to check in.

The fact that this could very well may be tampering aside (although the Giants would never file those charges) what are you doing, Tom? I know you want to check in on the guy, but you’ve got to understand the optics of all of this.

Either Coughlin doesn’t get it or he doesn’t care, but one thing is perfectly clear — he’s got to go.