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The first Gardner Minshew Jags jerseys are live and ready to take over Jacksonville!

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Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans have been repurposing old Allen Robinson jerseys with some masking tape and sharpies to make their very own Gardner Minshew II jerseys, but they look a little hokey and they’re also with the old Jaguars uniform setup, not the new one.

Well, the good news is Minshew has played so well and the “Minshew Mania” has hit such a fervor, Nike has finally put out their official Jacksonville Jaguars Gardner Minshew II jerseys in teal and black for men, women and youth. No word on whether the deal includes it’s own mustache.

It’s pretty exciting how widespread the Minshew popularity has been and it’s not just localized in the Jacksonville area. It’s swept across the country, all over ESPN and NFL Network, and you even see him show up in Pac-12 after dark. It’s also cool that it’s been so fervent that Nike has felt the momentum and put out a jersey, which for the Jaguars has also been very limited in options and hard to get anything other than first round picks.

The Gardner Minshew Jags jerseys are live!

Check them out here:

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