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Jaguars fans permitted to bring bottle of water into Chiefs game

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The weather for Sunday’s Week 1 matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs at TIAA Bank Field is projected to be a scorcher. Currently the projected high is 98 degrees with a heat index of around 115, and that’s not even factoring in what the temperatures will be like on the field. There have already been plenty of jokes by Jaguars fans about the stadium running out of water, something that happens often early in the season, but to help combat this SMG announced they will permit fans to bring in a sealed bottle of water on Sunday.

Due to anticipated high temperatures for Sunday’s Jaguars game versus the Kansas City Chiefs, the Jaguars and SMG Jacksonville will permit each ticketed guest to bring one, commercially-branded, factory-sealed, plastic bottle of water that is 16.9 oz. or less in size inside the gates at TIAA Bank Field. Other outside beverages, cups and reusable water bottles are not permitted for Sunday’s game.

I say this genuinely and seriously; If you’re going to be drinking alcohol prior to the game at your tailgates, please start hydrating today (Saturday, 9/7/19) and do not think just mixing in water between drinks will do the trick or you can catch up in the stadium chugging water. It doesn’t exactly work like that. My tip would be drink some Pedialyte today to kick start your hydration and be mindful of the heat when you’re slamming back beers after circle ups at The Slab.