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Nick Foles injury: Jaguars quarterback breaks left clavicle, out indefinitely

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be without quarterback Nick Foles for an indefinite amount of time. Head coach Doug Marrone said Foles broke his left clavicle after the 40-26 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“This one’s worse than 2014,” Foles said after the game. “But I’m optimistic it will heal quicker.”

Foles missed the remainder of the season after his injury in 2014.

When Foles walked off the field in pain following his first touchdown pass, all fans could do was hope for the best that it would be a minor setback. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario fell upon Foles and the franchise — as head coach Doug Marrone confirmed that Foles suffered a broken left clavicle bone and will be out an undetermined amount of time.

Foles will reportedly undergo surgery on Monday.

The typical return time for a broken clavicle is anywhere from 6-8 weeks, but hearing surgery will be needed and Foles’ description of the injury himself, doesn’t leave a strong feeling of optimism of his return being on the lower end of that number.

Jacksonville will now turn the franchise over to rookie Gardner Minshew II, who to his credit fared rather well coming in for Foles against the Chiefs, a game where he frankly had no chance of winning. The team must now scour the waiver wire, as there is no quarterback behind Minshew currently on the roster.

Not ideal, folks.