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Big Cat Country Q&A: Who would you draft from the College Football National Championship?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 13 CFP National Championship - LSU v Clemson Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions as the Jacksonville Jaguars begin their search for a new offensive coordinator!

Dizzy from Frisco, TX

Q: Is our worst nightmare going to happen? Are the Tennessee Titans going to win a Super Bowl before the Jaguars do?

A: They’re certainly set up to do so. Back in 2017, the Titans had a decision to make — see the playoffs as a win and give Mike Mularkey an extension or realize that they had hit their ceiling with the current culture, quarterback, and coaching staff. They took a chance and went after Mike Vrabel and then a year later benched their quarterback midseason. They’re on the doorstep of the Super Bowl with the best run game in the NFL and a very, very smart defense.

Jerad from Needles, CA

Q: With four first round picks in the next two years we could have attracted some talented management. What in the world does Shad Khan have in mind keeping these two men on board? Help me understand the thought process.

A: There is no thought process. Shad Khan is a poor owner who doesn’t understand football and has several other international projects and sports franchises and business ventures pulling his attention away.

Josh from Dayton, OH

Q: Does Todd Wash still have a job?

A: He still has a job, Josh. The people making the decision on Wash not only think he’s done well enough to keep it, but that he’s done very well.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: Doug Marrone firing John DeFilippo seems like more evidence that he was not on board with the Nick Foles signing. The reason they brought him in was for Foles, right?

A: That’s one way to connect the dots. I think the easier way to look at it is that the Jaguars offense was laughably bad and that regardless of any connection with Foles was irrelevant — he isn’t the right man for the job.

Keith from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Did Doug Marrone fire the wrong coordinator?

A: No, the offense was very, very bad. But it looks as though they’re keeping Todd Wash and that’s a mistake.

Michael from Leeds, UK

Q: Do we look to the same old names in the offensive coordinator game or look further afield to do something different.

A: Demetrius Harvey profiled a couple of potential prospects. I like the idea of New Orleans Saints quarterbacks coach Joe Lombardi coming in. I also think former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell would be a good move.

Daniel from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you think we will look to college head coaches to fill in our offensive coordinator vacancy?

A: No.

Armand from Jacksonville, FL

Q: You are Dave Caldwell and are able to have four players from the college championship game. Who do you take and why?

A: Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence because... duh. Isaiah Simmons because he’s an absolute alien on defense, much like Josh Allen. And Kristian Fulton because we need an outside cornerback replacement for A.J. Bouye.