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2020 Senior Bowl Day 2 practice live blog: Jaguars rumors, news, meetings, and more

It’s Wednesday and players will have Day 2 of practice. Follow along with all the rumors, news, and more here.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 Senior Bowl is in full swing as Day 2 of practice starts today.

You can read our Day 1 live blog here and our recap of some of the standouts here.

The North Team will be coached by the Detroit Lions and the South Team will be coached by the Cincinnati Bengals.

We’ll be doing live blogs to capture all the relevant Jaguars news, meetings with players, and rumors throughout the week.

Everything you need to know

Live blog

5:36 PM: Van Jefferson has been one of a handful of players really making a name for himself at the Senior Bowl. It’s a very deep receiver class and Jefferson could be a guy the Jaguars snatch up in the fifth or sixth round and turn into a productive backup.

5:22 PM: Good... goooooooooooood.

3:05 PM: Darrion Daniels dealt with a lot of injuries at Nebraska, but the Jaguars need help at interior defensive line and he could be a potential UDFA signing.

3:03 PM: Jason Strowbridge was viewed as a late Day 3 pick before the Senior Bowl. Someone’s going to take a chance on him earlier, aren’t they?

2:43 PM: Sheldon Day... I wonder whatever happ-*gets hit in the face with a White Claw*

2:18 PM: Josh Jones is 6’7” and 310 pounds. He’d be a great second round guy.

2:01 PM: Dayton tight end Adam Trautman could be a guy the Jaguars target around Round 4-5 if FAU tight end Harrison Bryant goes early.

1:26 PM: It’s time to follow @Demetrius82.

12:44 PM: The Jaguars are represented well in the Pro Bowl this year. They have a few very good players who can be a core for this team going forward... they just need to figure out quarterback and improve the bottom half of the roster.

12:43 PM: More non-Senior Bowl news before practice!

12:18 PM: The positions the Jaguars need to draft — tight end, interior defensive line, interior offensive line, and wide receiver — are getting a lot of love at the Senior Bowl.

10:56 AM: Personally, I think Jay Gruden is a home run hire for the Jaguars at offensive coordinator. His offenses with the Cincinnati Bengals made huge leaps in points per game every year he was there. It was only when he went to Washington that he started to fail.

10:54 AM: In non-Senior Bowl news... the Jaguars have made it official. Jay Gruden is the new offensive coordinator.

10:43 AM: Get your Day 1 standouts here!

7:30 AM: Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell spoke at length about what the team’s needs are, what he’s seen so far, and the current state of some impending free agents. It’s worth a watch before practice.

7:00 AM: Make sure you’re following @Demetrius82 — he’s at the Senior Bowl and will be reporting live from the practice fields!