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2020 Senior Bowl Day 3 practice live blog: Jaguars rumors, news, meetings, and more

It’s Thursday and players will have Day 3 of practice. Follow along with all the rumors, news, and more here.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 Senior Bowl is in full swing as Day 3 of practice starts today.

You can read our Day 2 live blog here and our recap of some of the standouts so far at the Senior Bowl here.

The North Team will be coached by the Detroit Lions and the South Team will be coached by the Cincinnati Bengals.

We’ll be doing live blogs to capture all the relevant Jacksonville Jaguars news, meetings with players, and rumors throughout the week.

Everything you need to know

Live blog

3:39 PM: They’re going to draft a Senior Bowl tight end, aren’t they?

2:28 PM: Could Antonio Gandy-Golden be the next Rashad Jennings? LET’S FIND OUT!

2:08 PM: All of the tight end drill video clips. ALL OF THEM.

2:07 PM: The tight ends, wide receivers, interior defensive linemen, and interior offensive linemen have been the highlights of this year’s Senior Bowl. Please do not screw this up, Jaguars.

1:55 PM: Non-Senior Bowl update! Jay Gruden is officially KIRK COUSINS APPROVED.

12:09 PM: Does Demetrius have observations from yesterday? You BET he does!

12:05 PM: Folks, I think the Jaguars are drafting Van Jefferson.

8:41 AM: Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Doug Marrone giving more insights into how the team is looking at the Senior Bowl.

7:00 AM: Make sure you’re following @Demetrius82 — he’s at the Senior Bowl and will be reporting live from the practice fields!