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Big Cat Country Q&A: Which quarterback is best suited for a Jay Gruden offense?

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Today we’re talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars hiring Jay Gruden as their offensive coordinator, Javon Kinlaw, win-loss predictions, and the morning poop.

Josh from Dayton, OH

Q: Does the Jay Gruden hire change our draft strategy? Do we focus on offense to enhance Gardner Minshew or fix the defense?

A: I don’t think it changes anything because the Jaguars weren’t going to get a quarterback anyway. If one of Nick Foles or Gardner Minshew wasn’t in the picture... maybe? But no, the Jaguars aren’t drafting a quarterback. I also think Jay Gruden needs the same things any other offensive coordinator would need in free agency and the draft to win — patch a few holes on the offensive line, a tight end who can catch more than seven passes in a season, and another wide receiver. I think you’ll see a balanced approach this offseason.

Ryan from Jacksonville, FL

Q: I actually like the Jay Gruden hire, but who benefits the most? Seems like a West Coast Style will fit Gardner Minshew more than Nick Foles.

A: I think the fact that Gardner Minshew is good and Nick Foles isn’t benefits him the most, but that’s just me. In answer to your question though, the kind of offense that Gruden is going to want to run here screams Minshew to me. Gruden likes a mobile quarterback. He likes fewer yards per attempt as long as it means better accuracy and shorter third down conversions. He likes getting his quarterback out of the pocket. I honestly think the Gruden hire is a home run for a team that has had one winning season since George W. Bush was in office.

Connor from Gainesville, FL

Q: What are the Jaguars doing at the running back position? Leonard Fournette is there, but is Ryquell Armstead our only option behind him?

A: They have Devine Ozigbo too, who I thought would get a lot more reps than he did. I wouldn’t be surprised with a Day 3 pick at running back and that being our running back foursome (giggity) we trot out in September. It’s not so bad a running backs group that you need to divert attention away from other more pressing needs like defensive line, tight end, and wide receiver.

Michael from Leeds, UK

Q: Should we have optimism with the hire of Jay Gruden? It feels like a decent enough appointment.

A: I think you should be optimistic. I know I am.

Logan from Davenport, IA

Q: Javon Kinlaw came into the Senior Bowl as a top 20 pick and has done nothing but impress. Should the Jaguars consider taking him at No. 9 overall or trade down a few spots to take him?

A: I think Kinlaw is a perfect fit of value and need on this Jaguars team and would have no problems with them staying put at the ninth overall pick and getting him.

Blake from Philadelphia, PA

Q: With Tom Coughlin and John DeFilipo being fired, the extended hiring process of the new offensive coordinator, and obvious increased involvement of Doug Marrone in the planning for this team’s future, it is obvious the team plans on rallying behind Gardner Minshew going forward. That said, how does the Nick Foles situation play out? And how high of a pick would the Jaguars need to give up to trade him?

A: I think the Jaguars will be as aggressive as possible in trying to trade him and I think a third round pick would do it, but teams are going to want a second round pick up to the night of the NFL Draft. I don’t think the deal gets done though and I think Foles is on the roster this year.

Keith from Jacksonville, FL

Q: I’m not expecting a Super Bowl run next year, but is an 8-8 or 9-7 record achievable?

A: I think 9-7 is achievable, but only if Gardner Minshew can continue to improve. The defense also needs to shore up the run defense. And the top two picks by the Jaguars need to play like Pro Bowl players. And Yannick Ngakoue needs a long-term extension. Is it all achievable? Sure. Is it likely? Not really. I think we hover around 7-9 next season. The AFC South is a very, very good division.

Matt from London, UK

Q: When is the best time to poop?

A: This is a very important question. It’s probably the most important question I’ve been asked in weeks, so I will answer it sincerely and simply — the best time to poop is immediately before your morning shower.

Both the “morning” and “shower” are important here, folks.

Morning poops are unquestionably the best way to start your day. You are wasting your breath if you try and argue. I might even rank it above MORNING HANKY PANKY with your significant other because... well... you and yours just aren’t the best versions of yourselves first thing in the morning. The morning poop, however, does not demand you at your best. It sees you at your worst day after day and is still the same loving caretaker, ready to serve, unbothered by your defilement.

As far as the shower... a shower is going to rid you of all that uncleanliness while at the same time giving you the peace of mind that you’re as clean as you can be. The efficiency of killing these two birds with one stoned is unparalleled. You have been purified in every sense of the word. The way is clear. Go have a day.