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NFL Wild Card Weekend: Best lines to play and bet your mortgage on the New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We ended the 2019 NFL regular season in the green, folks. In fact, we finished at nearly double our original investment from Week 1.

(I’m accounting for transaction costs and whatnot. If not for those meddling fees we would be!)

How does Wild Card Weekend look and what are the best games to throw some money at? Let’s check it out!

Note: I used Bovada’s odds on Friday afternoon.

New England Patriots (-5.0) vs. Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill is the reason this team is in the playoffs, but both he and head coach Mike Vrabel are making their playoff debuts. Tennessee hasn’t beaten a winning team at full strength since Week 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

New England’s defense is going to keep this one closer, I think.

Bet on the Patriots to win by a touchdown.

Buffalo Bills (+3.0) at Houston Texans

When I look at both sides of the ball, the Bills just edge out the Texans. I think Buffalo’s great defense is a match for Houston and I think their offense (while not great!) is slightly better than the Texans defense. I could see this one going either way, but I think the margin of victory will be close.

Bet on the Bills to either win or lose by less than two points.

Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

I don’t like Seattle’s form to end the season, but I like Philadelphia’s even less.

Bet on the Seahawks to win by a field goal.

Minnesota Vikings (+8.0) at New Orleans Saints

I was on the fence about this one because the original line was between 6.5 and 7.5 points depending on where you looked. And with the news that Minnesota has two cornerbacks ruled out, the spread shot up to 8.0 points.

Sigh... as much as I don’t want to bet on Kirk Cousins in the playoffs, that is just a ridiculous spread for the playoffs against a quality team that will have some playmakers back in the lineup.

Bet on the Vikings to cover the biggest spread of the weekend.

Overall: 36-32-0 (52.9%)

Bet Your Mortgage: 9-8-0 (52.9%)