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Big Cat Country Q&A: Who would win in a fight between Gardner Minshew’s dad and Bryce Harper’s dad?

Today we’re talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars trading down in the NFL draft, the post office, and Gardner Minshew’s dad.

Jacari from Longview, TX

Q: If both Javon Kinlaw and Derrick Brown are gone before the 20th overall pick do you see Neville Gallimore as our second pick or do you wait to see if he drops to Round 2?

A: I can almost guarantee that Kinlaw and Brown will be gone before the Jaguars make the 20th overall pick, so this scenario is likely going to play out. I wouldn’t pick Gallimore with our second first round pick because I think the Jaguars will pick one of those two you mentioned with their first. There are a lot of needs on both sides of the ball to double up on defensive linemen, no matter how much I miss the John Henderson-Marcus Stroud days. The only way I see us looking Gallimore’s way is if someone really, really good drops like Josh Allen did to us last year. Jeffrey Okudah could go as high as the third overall pick or he could get glossed over.

Craig from Kettering, UK

Q: Given Calais Campbell is not getting any younger and is $15 million against the cap, should we trade him if the offer was good enough?

A: No. He proved the doubters (i.e. me) wrong last season when we all thought he’d lost a step. Friend, he has not lost a step. Maybe that happens next year. Maybe it doesn’t. The point is, this team needs as many impact players as it can get and Campbell can still make an impact. This team is rebuilding (as it has since 2008) and not having a Pro Bowl caliber player to anchor the defensive line wouldn’t help anyone.

Jesse from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Where do you think is the highest concentration of unattractive people? We’re talking most ugly people per square foot.

A: The post office.

Tim from Ocala, FL

Q: Is Blake Bortles coming back to be the backup we deserve with Gardner Minshew? Imagine that quarterbacks room.

A: Tim, instead of answering your question, I’m going to list out some things I would rather do than imagine that quarterbacks room:

1. Gouge out my own eyes with a pair of spoons.

2. Eat a live raccoon.

3. Let Sully give me a Brazilian wax.

4. Take a transatlantic flight hungover.

5. Give my daughter a package of glitter on a rainy day.

Keith from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Okay, Gardner Minshew’s dad and Bryce Harper’s dad meet in a back alley. Who walks out?

A: I... don’t know what Bryce Harper’s dad looks like.

[performs quick Google search]

Jesus Christ.

Okay. Ummmmmmmmmm... I think Bryce Harper’s dad wins the fight. Judging by my EXTENSIVE photo research, I would guess that both men are six feet tall. But Bryce Harper’s dad seems to have put in the work to hold his own. Granted, both men are operating at Professional Athlete’s Dad levels previously thought impossible, but the bicep maketh the man. Biceps are made not born. Bryce Harper’s father has put in the work.