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Big Cat Country Q&A: Would Tom Brady ever sign with the Jaguars?

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions as the Jacksonville Jaguars sit at home and watch the NFL playoffs!

Diz from Frisco, TX

Q: Any chance Tom Brady picks the Jaguars in free agency?

A: No, Diz. There is zero chance of this happening. Washington is the only team with worse odds than Jacksonville to sign him this March. We already have one bloated contract spent on a quarterback, we don’t need another.

Dakota from Independence, MO

Q: With so many holes throughout our roster, how long are we from actually competing for the AFC South?

A: I think next year is another punt, unfortunately. I don’t see Gardner Minshew leading this team to better than 8-8 next season. If he’s the answer at quarterback though, I would say 2021 is a good target year. The rest of the division is just too far ahead. Tennessee figured out how to beat New England on the road and Houston has an MVP caliber quarterback. I’m sick.

Ted from Yulee, FL

Q: Would the Jaguars be better off if Shad Khan sold the team?

A: Yes.

Joe from Bradford, PA

Q: It’s obviously still very early in the offseason, but it sounds like a quarterback competition is brewing for the Jaguars. Who does this benefit more: Nick Foles or Gardner Minshew?

A: I don’t think it benefits anyone. Quarterbacks are a very rare position in professional sports. The more time you have a guy entrenched as Your Guy the better your offense is going to be. A quarterback competition only serves to distract both Foles and Minshew from that. All that said, I’d be surprised if Minshew isn’t the starter come Week 1.

Will from Birmingham, AL

Q: What if Tua Tagovailoa is available at the No. 9 overall pick?

A: I’d be shocked if lasted until the Jaguars were picking. I’d take a chance on him.

Ryan from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Is it too late to fire Todd Wash?

A: Nope. Next week will be too late though.