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Big Cat Country Q&A: Is there a game left on the schedule we should win?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions after our Week 5 loss against the Houston Texans.

Today we’re talking about winnable games left on the schedule, mock drafts, and why Jay Gruden is the way he is.

Bryan from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is there a game left on the schedule we should win?

A: Well... there are three games left I think we stand a chance of winning. This week against the Detroit Lions, at home against the Tennessee Titans, and at home against the Chicago Bears. Now, I don’t think we win all of them. Best case scenario is two wins out of them and likely is one. And I think we win a fluke game aside from that. Here we come, 4-12.

Zack from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Q: Does Sidney Jones deserve to start over Tre Herndon next week assuming C.J. Henderson returns?

A: Absolutely. Sidney Jones played out of his mind yesterday — four passes defended, an interception, and a tipped pass to Jarrod Wilson for his interception. I’d be shocked if he isn’t the outside starter opposite C.J. Henderson going forward.

Rob from London, England

Q: Do the Jaguars win more games than they have kickers this year?

A: They’ll likely play their fifth kicker this week. It doesn’t look good, Rob.

Jim from Suffern, NY

Q: Do you think we should honestly go the quarterback route in the draft? I think there are many other missing pieces like another pass rusher or another cornerback that should be addressed first. If Trevor Lawrence is gone is it worth going elsewhere?

A: Yes. There are several quarterbacks I’d take even if Trevor Lawrence is gone and who would likely be a long-term upgrade over Gardner Minshew. Trey Lance is good. So is Justin Fields. I hate to say it, but Minshew is only good enough to warrant an argument on if he should be the guy or not and that’s just not good enough as long as Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson are in the league. We need a better player under center if we’re going to take that next step as a franchise. Pair a rookie quarterback with a legit tight end and that offense is looking good.

Jake from Scranton, PA

Q: Why is everyone still doubting if Gardner Minshew is the quarterback we need? Why would you not try to improve the defense that gives up 30 points every game?

A: Yesterday’s game was actually the perfect argument for why you need someone better. Up until Gardner Minshew fumbled late in the fourth quarter, the defense had only given up 23 points and forced two turnovers. This is a game the Jaguars should have won, but they didn’t. Some of it’s play calling and some of it’s game planning (why they won’t lean on James Robinson is beyond me) but a better quarterback gets this offense more than 14 points yesterday.

Mason from Atlanta, GA

Q: There have to be better jobs than writing about the Jaguars. I stopped watching after the Dolphins game and just check the score every week which is still depressing. Who makes you watch and keep this job? Just let it go.

A: I have found my wife’s burner.

Micah from Chicago, IL

Q: What is Gardner Minshew’s ceiling as a quarterback?

A: Ryan Fitzpatrick. If he can stay healthy, Gardner Minshew will have a nice, long career in the NFL.

Eric from New York, New York

Q: Of the 11 players who started on defense for the Jaguars yesterday, how many will be starting next year in Week 1?

A: I know of six locks — Josh Allen, K’Lavon Chaisson, Taven Bryan, Myles Jack, Joe Schobert, and C.J. Henderson. There will probably be two or three more, but it depends on who they draft and how they do in free agency. Abry Jones is in a contract year. Tre Herndon needs to prove he can play at nickel. Jarrod Wilson needs more time. Josh Jones is a question mark.

James from Socorro, NM

Q: Any more teams the Jaguars can give its first win to?

A: The Jaguars will not play another winless team until 2021.

Corey from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Laviska Shenault seems more fun to watch week after week. I know we are hyped up about James Robinson, but is there a chance Shenault is the best rookie on our team?

A: There is, but the transition from college to pro is harder for running backs than wide receivers. To see Robinson excel the way he has is special. Both are incredibly good for rookies though.

Austin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is this loss on the defense?

A: No. It is on special teams, Jay Gruden, Doug Marrone, and Gardner Minshew.

Jake from Baltimore, MD

Q: Who is your relatively realistic preferred starter at tight end next season?

A: Kyle Pitts.

Steven from Lakewood, FL

Q: Why won’t Jay Gruden keep the run game in the play calling mix when they are behind? Just passing by the quarterback allowed the Houston’s defense to rush every down. I have watched many quarterbacks over the years and they all get slaughtered if there is no mix in the play calling. Gardner Minshew is no different than the rest.

A: Steven, I have no idea why Gruden is getting away from the run in close games. I truly don’t. Maybe it’s his blind spot. Maybe he truly believes Gardner Minshew and the passing game give them the best chance to win. Maybe his brain was broken watching two missed field goals. Remember — Jay Gruden’s offenses have been volume passing for quarterbacks and running backs get their yards in the air, not the ground. Whatever the reason, it needs to stop. James Robinson should have gotten 30 carries yesterday.

Raphael from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Q: Draft is tomorrow! Scenario 1: Jaguars have the first overall pick. Do you pull the trigger on Trevor Lawrence? Scenario 2: Jaguars hold a top 10 pick. Do you trade up and go get Trevor Lawrence?

A: Yes and yes.