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How hot is Doug Marrone’s seat?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Sitting at 1-5, with five consecutive losses, the Jacksonville Jaguars season is more or less already over. It hasn’t just been five consecutive losses, three of those in a row the team has looked just absolutely dreadful and unprepared. The NFL has already seen one head coach fired, so it now begs the question... how in danger is Doug Marrone’s job?

The Jaguars are facing up against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday and I think most people are expecting another blow out loss. The Chargers have been playing really good defense, coordinated by ol’ buddy Gus Bradley, and rookie quarterback Justin Herbert has been playing great.

Conversely, the Jaguars offense has been slow to start and when it finally gets going seems to be stuck in second gear. The quarterback play has tapered off from the first two weeks, the offense is quick to abandon the run and while there have been some defensive flashes, the defense as a whole has been one of, if not the worst, in the NFL through six weeks.

I don’t have any juice on this one, but if the Jaguars suffer another blowout loss on Sunday as they head into the bye week, there is a real possibility Marrone gets the axe. I know Shad Khan in the past has said to be one not to make in season changes, and in truth they usually don’t fix anything, but you can only flail so much before something has to change.