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Is there a winnable game left on the Jaguars schedule?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 1-5, losers of their last five games.

Their owner is only in town when he needs money.

The head coach said his defensive coordinator, who is leading a defense that has given up 30 or more points in five straight games, is safe.

The offensive coordinator hasn’t figured out how to use the first good running back this team has had in nearly a decade.

The general manager will likely be given a third chance to rebuild this team after tanking it twice before.

Will this team win another game? Maybe. But only by dumb luck — this Jaguars team should not be favored in any games going forward.

Let’s look at the rest of the schedule and see which of the remaining 10 games are most winnable.

Week 7 @ Los Angeles Chargers

We are 9.5-point underdogs and for good reason! Cross country trips are the bane of this team’s existence and have been since 1995. And Justin Herbert is a good quarterback. That group of receivers must be licking their chops looking at our pitiful secondary.

Verdict: Loss

Week 8 vs. Bye Week

Never count out the bye week. We’ve had players suspended, put on injured reserve, and more in years past.

Verdict: Loss

Week 9 vs. Houston Texans

If there’s a fluke win remaining, this is one place it could happen. That Texans defense is bad. But Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in the division and Romeo Crennel has turned that team around.

Verdict: Maybe but probably not

Week 10 @ Green Bay Packers

Buddy, they might put Jordan Love in before the fourth quarter in this one.

Verdict: Loss

Week 11 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Chase Claypool is going to have one of those games they include on the highlight reel when he’s being fitted for a gold jacket.

Verdict: Loss

Week 12 vs. Cleveland Browns

This is a team who just put in Case Keenum because their starting quarterback wasn’t getting it done. Another chance at a fluke win, but if the Jaguars lose out in all weeks prior to this it would be Shad Khan’s 100th loss since buying the team and the universe won’t let it be anyone other than the Browns.

Verdict: Loss

Week 13 @ Minnesota Vikings

I could see a shootout here like what we saw last week from them, but... nah.

Verdict: Maybe but probably not

Week 14 vs. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are in the driver’s seat for the AFC South crown and Mike Vrabel is a very smart coach who has gotten buy in from his roster. Derrick Henry, please be gentle.

Verdict: Loss

Week 15 @ Baltimore Ravens


Verdict: Loss

Week 16 vs. Chicago Bears

Another team who is in the driver’s seat for a division win, but unlike the Titans these guys are absolute paper tigers. I think the bottom drops out some time before we play them but Nick Foles wrecking us is a truly Jaguars thing to have happen.

Verdict: Maybe but probably not

Week 17 @ Indianapolis Colts

With an extra Wild Card spot on the line, I can’t see how the Jaguars get their annual free win at the end of the year from the Colts.

Verdict: Loss

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