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What are we even doing here?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

As of the exact moment of me typing the sentence, the Jacksonville Jaguars have made no changes to their coaching staff or front office. I don’t expect that to change by the time I get finished typing this all out, our really anytime in the next few weeks.

The Jaguars lost their sixth game in a row on Sunday and folks; they’re a bad football team. They’re really bad. They’re possibly 1-15 bad, based on how the schedule is looking right now.

I think almost everyone anticipated a blowout loss on Sunday to the Los Angeles Chargers, and while the game itself was fun to watch, the end result is what was expected. A bad football team beaten again.


What are we even doing here?

The season’s done.

We’re just playing out the string now. As I mentioned, I didn’t expect anyone to get fired but I brought it up last week because the Jaguars were about to head into the bye week and that is typically when those type of changes are made mid-season.

No changes were made, but like... why not?

Truth be told, firing a head coach and a general manager mid-season rarely ever makes a difference. The root of the problem is the roster is not good because it’s been constructed poorly by the guy who has been here since 2013.

I tweeted during the game that Dave Caldwell has been the general manager since 2013, because that’s wild to me. The Jaguars have 37 total wins since that season.

Thirty-seven, out of a possible 119 games, we wins. That’s a .311 win rate with an average of about four wins per season... which, includes a 10 win season.

The only thing firing either Doug Marrone or Dave Caldwell right now accomplishes is pandering to the suffering fans, which quite honestly at this point they deserve.

I don’t really have any overall problems with Marrone. He’s an aggressively medium head coach, but he’s had his turn and it didn’t work. No hard feelings.

The Jaguars must absolutely reset their coaching ranks and front office, be it right now or at the end of the season.

We can’t keep doing this.

We’ve gone back to back seasons trying to lay it on a scapegoat, and we know exactly what the problem is.

The roster is bad.

They failed.

Start over.