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Why was playing Mike Glennon even an option?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning, prior to the Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, there was an interesting report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that the Jaguars were considering benching starting quarterback Gardner Minshew II if his play did not pick up. Potentially benching Minshew isn’t the craziest idea, though I don’t think he’s played anywhere close to bad enough to make me think he should be sat down, but the interesting part is who he’d be benched in favor of.

Mike Glennon.

What? Why?

Like I said the other day, man what are we even doing here?

What on earth does playing Mike Glennon non-zero snaps accomplish for you? We know what he is, he’s bad. He’s not better than Minshew, other than he’s taller and has a stronger arm. I guess you could make the argument Glennon won’t accidentally win you some games and Minshew can absolutely win you some games, but like... Why?

If the Jaguars do get to the point of sitting Minshew down and he continues to regress, the play is to throw rookie draft pick Jake Luton out there, not Mike Glennon. See what Luton has, maybe he’s also a potential upper level backup like it appears Minshew is. Maybe you can trade one of them in offseason for something.

But... as soon as I saw the report was “in favor of Mike Glennon” I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen.

Sure, you have Glennon active on game days because he’s played meaningful NFL snaps before and you kind of know what you’re getting if Minshew gets hurt during the game... but to end up starting?

Mike Glennon.