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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Week 7 sack analysis

There were 5 sacks this week? Here we go again...

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars found themselves in a dog fight in Week 7 against the Los Angeles Chargers. It was a genuinely fun game with a lot of scoring, some lead changes, and contributions from rookies everywhere.

There were also five sacks on Gardner Minshew.

*here we go again meme dot gif*

Who was responsible for them?

Let’s find out!

Sack #1: 3rd & 4 at JAX 31, 9:02 in 1Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew II sacked at JAX 27 for -4 yards (sack split by J. Bosa and U. Nwosu).

This was fewer than three seconds from snap to Joey Bosa getting pressure around the right edge. If it’s a three or four man rush, especially on third down, the offensive line has to give better protection than that.

Fault: Jawaan Taylor

Sack #2: 2nd & 11 at JAX 39, 6:45 in 1Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew II sacked at JAX 38 for -1 yards (D. Square).

Another four man rush, but the offensive line looks like it was pretty stout until Gardner Minshew moved around to try and see if there was a receiver who could get open. Chargers secondary wasn’t going to give up anything underneath on this throw.

Fault: Team

Sack #3: 3rd & 2 at JAX 33, 14:20 in 2Q

G. Minshew II sacked at JAX 28 for -5 yards (U. Nwosu).

James O’Shaughnessy has got to provide a better chip than that off his route. He gets pushed backwards by Joey Bosa, who is on Gardner Minshew as though there was no blocker there to begin with.

Fault: James O’Shaughnessy

Sack #4: 2nd & Goal at LAC 9, 0:31 in 2Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew II sacked at LAC 9 for 0 yards (D. King II).

This is an ugly play against a three man rush. What an ugly execution from the offensive line. Guys are not staying in their lane at all and it’s a mad house in the pocket, which is too bad considering D.J. Chark gets open at the top of your screen in the end zone just a second after Gardner Minshew starts to tuck and run. It’s a team breakdown, but if Minshew can stay upright a little longer I think he converts for the touchdown.

Fault: Gardner Minshew

Sack #5: 2nd & 7 at LAC 44, 11:59 in 4Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew II sacked at JAX 47 for -9 yards (sack split by K. White and I. Rochell).

The only sack of the day off something more than a three or four man rush. Tyler Shatley gets caught on the stunt and it’s James Robinson all alone to try and take on a blitzing linebacker.

Fault: Team


This was probably one of the worst pass blocking days for the offensive line this season. Five sacks looks bad on the box score, but sometimes that doesn’t tell the whole story. When you see how many times Gardner Minshew was under duress from just three or four man rushes... it looks worse.

2020 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Gardner Minshew 9
Team 7
Jawaan Taylor 4
Tyler Shatley 1
Cam Robinson 1
Doug Marrone 1
James O’Shaughnessy 1
James Robinson 1

Up next: The bye week!